Mayor Lu Yingping visited Subolun


On the afternoon of September 25, Mayor Lu Yingping led the heads of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Economic and Information Commission, the Science and Technology Bureau, and the Economic Development Bureau of Tongcheng Economic Development Zone to investigate Subolun Garment Co., Ltd. City leaders Gui Peng and Zhang Zhinan accompanied the investigation.   

Lu Yingping and his entourage went to Subolun to check the production and sales of the company and the implementation of the project. Subolun is an investment promotion enterprise in our city, and its Industry 4.0 assembly line has recently been put into operation. After listening to the introduction of the company’s development, Lu Yingping and his entourage visited the company’s intelligent hanging system automatic assembly line. Lu Yingping praised the company’s opening of the Tongcheng clothing industry "Industry 4.0" marked by "informatization, digitalization, intelligence, and automation". Lu Yingping said that clothing processing and manufacturing is a traditional industry in Tongcheng. How to transform and upgrade traditional industries? Subolun has set a model for us; traditional clothing processing industry must make full use of the Internet, Internet of Things, and intelligence to establish its own high-end platform to achieve transformation and upgrading.

Lu Yingping publicized the spirit of Governor Li Guoying’s recent visit to the county economy in Tongcheng to encourage enterprises to seize new opportunities in the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, make good use of new technologies, create new models, vigorously promote Internet + manufacturing, and promote traditional industries. Interact and integrate with emerging industries to rejuvenate the development of traditional industries.